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Me*lis”sa, n, a feminine name: dim. Missy; Mel; Sweet; Outgoing; Honest; Easy to talk to; Girl next door; Acronym: MELISSA: My Entire Life Is Spent Striving Ahead.

If one thing has remained a constant, it is that mantra.  I am Melissa, Missy, or even Mel.  Your choice. I am one of the most laid back people you’ll ever meet, but also the most driven. I am a woman of many creations, ideas, and opinions.  Aesthetically speaking, I stand 5’5’’, 32GG, size 0/2 but those numbers are meaningless, as I present you with honest photographic representations.

I am a specialist in the real and provide an unparalleled level of luxury companionship where time stops.  Many don't understand that true stimulation starts with the mind and slowly encapsulates the rest of you as time moves on. Perfection may not exist overall, but I believe that we can create perfect moments...or at least have an amazing time trying. From unique offerings of cold pressed juice to clockfree visits where I cook for you, I truly look forward to the moments where we will linger over fine conversation as you trace the constellations of my freckles with your fingertips. I am but alabaster clay looking for your warm, firm hands to knead my impossibly soft skin — and that is not a figure of speech, I guarantee you will be left in awe.  As time passes in a room with no clock, we will lazily become intoxicated by each other. I am a simple woman and easy to please — the world is fast paced and complicated enough without having to add to it. I do not own a cell phone in any facet of my life and so I do not subscribe to the theories of instant gratification and "just google it".  I am an outdoorswoman, a 3 pedal enthusiast, a gamer, an artist, and a web developer while at the same time having a penchant for black and white TV, jazz music, and a simpler time. I like to know a lot about history — namely who we are and where we came from — as I subscribe to the belief those who forget their history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. I have a great sense of humour and you’ll love it when I make you laugh, which I will do…a lot. Life is about humour and finding the humour in all situations. I also love to laugh, and have been described as having laughter that “sounds like bells”. I look forward to sharing much laughter and many good times with you in the future.

Never once have I been described as typical, average, or ordinary. Words like outgoing, exuberant, generous, energetic, artistic, altruistic are what others use to paint my picture. I am often labeled “bohemian”, but what is unconventional about being happy? I live life for myself, and the people in it. I do not live to meet the standards of a society who is only concerned with how good their lives look on social media, and having the newest/latest/greatest gadget/shiny thing. Those people do not interest me, nor do their vapid opinions. I am honest person, and always a straight shooter. I am blunt, and always tell it like it is. I am frequently described as approachable, fun, witty, outgoing, sharp, artistic, and coy. I could list plethoras of adjectives and adverbs for you, but I'd rather you simply just come find out for yourself.

If your appetite has been whet by this blurb I encourage you to peruse my twitter, blog, and AMA as they will provide a deeper glimpse into my multifaceted personality. 



I have a wide array of offerings I invite you to explore.  Each package is custom tailored to suit your needs and desires.  I specialise in both longer flights of relaxation and short escapes from your every day life. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, but please remember romance and finance do not ever belong in the same discussion and there is no alphabet soup at this restaurant!
I am here to both relax and pamper you. As you step into my private boudoir you will be greeted by soft music, candlelight, and eager hands. Come in, get comfortable, prepare to escape. You will leave feeling refreshed, and satisfied. Treat yourself like a king with this luxurious getaway from your everyday life.


One Hour
650Gentleman's Hour
  • 800 2 hours
  • 1000 3 hours
  • 1200 4 hours

Ever wanted to be the stud in your very own movie? This is one of my favourite hobbies! You bring the equipment and direct the action. We will have an unprecedented amount of fun, and you will never feel more like a star.


One Hour
850Gentleman's Hour
  • 1000 2 hours
A clockfree experience is an idea of time, rather than finite amount. I arrive at our agreed upon time, and that’s the last clock we worry about. This allows you to truly relax and release your stress. 

Appetizers are meant to stimulate the appetite for a good meal. Lunch with me is no different. We’ll start with “getting to know you” lunch at the restaurant of my choice and finish up wherever you desire. This is perfect for those who may be a bit nervous, and wish to dip their toes in the water before taking the full plunge. We can split a bottle of your favourite wine while indulging in good food, good company, and the promise of good times to come.


1000Lunch + Dessert
Dinner out (whether that’s chicken and waffles at a hole in the wall or a fixed course five star restaurant is your call), dancing, a movie, a show? Or would you just prefer a quiet evening in with some takeout? The world is your oyster, so reach in and grab the pearl. You call the shots, and I come along for the ride.

Full Evening

Life should be enjoyed leisurely, over a fine meal. I present you with an ala carte menu, you choose, I cook, we feast on both fine food and fine company. Fine wine optional and provided by you! Dessert is also optional, but always encouraged. After our meal we then relax with a glass of wine and get drunk off of each other. Your imagination can write the rest of our story. Pura Vida!

Full Evening


For when a few hours alone just isn’t enough. These visits can be anything and everything — us going to the symphony, playing games, going hiking, making a painting, taking a class, going out on your boat, us cooking together, or just relaxing in front of a fire playing strip poker. You name it, we do it. I am open to any new adventure. The entire goal is to enjoy our time and experience each other.


3000Full Day

For when you just need to pack up and go. You tell me the city, I’ll meet you there, and we spend a luxurious weekend together. Whether it’s swimming, relaxing on the beach, or just laying in front of a fire, I am the perfect companion for your ultimate relaxation session.


Two Day Weekend
7000Three Day Weekend

Come visit me once (or twice) per week for a couple of hours of unparalleled stress relief. Too much is never enough.


One visit per week
5000Two visits per week


  • May 11th – 14th:  Nashville, TN
  • May 14th – 16th: Memphis, TN
  • May 17th – 20th:  Nashville, TN
  • May 21st – 22nd:  Charlotte, NC
  • May 23rd – 25th:  Richmond, VA
  • May 25th – 27th:  Virginia Beach, VA
  • May 28th – 31st:  Nashville, TN
  • June 1st-4th:  Omaha, NE
  • June 5th-8th:  St Louis, MO
  • June 8th-10th:  Memphis, TN
  • June 10th-15th:  UNAVAILABLE
  • June 16th-19th:  Nashville, TN
  • June 20th-23rd:  MY BIRTHDAY (get your requests in!!)
  • June 24-28th:  Nashville, TN
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I will always be showered and fresh. I will have on light makeup (no lipstick, no nail polish) and be dressed appropriately for the situation we are in. I do not drench myself in perfume, lotion, or glitter – though I will smell nice and fresh.  I do not typically indulge in alcohol, however please do not hesitate from bringing a bottle of your favourite wine, or mine (ice wine) or even sparkling apple cider – I *love* the act of sharing a drink!  I have filtered ice water and cold pressed juice on hand at all times for when you visit me.

Privately, I am vivacious sometimes bordering on rambling – but feel free to stop me at any time and take our visit in a new direction. I only want to talk if you want to hear what I have to say. Never feel bad about interjecting and having your turn (or as I said, steering our visit into an entirely different direction).  I also love to listen.  I have genuine smile, and a laugh like bells.  Life is about being happy, and I am a happy person.  You’ll probably make me laugh quite a bit, as I am quite easy to please.

I expect you to be clean and well mannered. I have a solo shower and a carousel of toiletries available for your use, and I never deduct a reasonable shower from our time. Please use common sense and your best judgement on what a reasonable shower is.  I prefer not to shower with you before the festivities, as I have just spent an hour doing my hair and makeup for you.

If you smoke, please shower promptly when you arrive (or before I arrive) and use mouthwash. Smoking around me is NEVER permitted and I do not visit smoking hotel rooms. While I don’t smoke, I don’t care if you do – but in your own time please.  I much prefer vaping and have no problem with you engaging around me — so long as we do not spend the entire duration of our time making tornadoes or pretending to be dragons ;)

I will not see you if you are under the influence of any chemical substance and I ask that you refrain from discussing any unsafe activities. If you attempt to cross boundaries I have set or violate any of the above I reserve the right to end our visit promptly, with no refund of donation.

Please give me the donation immediately upon your arrival. Most use a book or greeting/gift card but feel free to come up with your own creative way!  The current best I’ve ever seen is a massive lottery ticket that also contained 20 games and the chance to win a car and hand decorated wine glasses…see what you can come up with :)

Gifts/tips are never expected, but always a welcomed surprise.  I enjoy paying it forward more than anything, so please check my Philanthropy section if you truly wish to make my heart sing.

Cash is king, but I also happily accept all major credit cards at the time of our visit.  Bitcoin is also available for deposits and pre-payment of visits.

Deposits are occasionally required.  If our visit is over six hours, or you require me to travel to your city specifically I will need a 25% deposit to secure our time together. I accept deposits via credit card or Bitcoin.If cancel the visit, you receive every penny back.  If you cancel, you forfeit your deposit.

All visits must be confirmed no less than 24 hours prior, and no more than 72 hours prior unless prior arrangements are made for a different window.  Failure to confirm an appointment in a timely manner leads to cancellation of the appointment (if your appointment required a deposit, you will be refunded up to 50% in this instance based on circumstance).  I will not chase you down by email to remind you of our booking. It is on you to confirm.

We all forget even the most important things sometimes, so don’t worry!  You are free to reschedule, however more than two violations of this policy will lead to me no longer calling you my friend and we will not be able to visit anymore.

This policy is unfortunately necessary for two reasons:  I have a VERY busy school/work/extracurriculars/life schedule that will leave me going up to 6 weeks without a break of some sort.  The second is that I travel a few hours (minimum) to each visit.  If you don’t confirm, should I go through the time of getting ready and show up crossing my fingers hoping you’re still interested?  If so and you aren’t?  I’ve wasted an entire day that I could have been in my garden, working on school, making art, or even going somewhere else entirely.

I have the utmost respect, patience, and understanding for your schedule, time, and life — I am simply only asking you extend the same courtesy.

It’s life, things come up. I completely understand.  If you are going to be late, please email me and let me know approximately how late you will be.  If you need to reschedule or cancel, please respect me (and my time) and let me know as early as you possibly can.  Frequent lateness/cancellation issues will lead to us being unable to visit. Please treat me the way you wish to be treated.  If you cancel less than 12 hours before a visit, I require a 20% cancellation fee.

My no call/no show policy is this:  20 minutes after our scheduled start time I will email you informing you our visit is officially cancelled and that I am going home.  If you keep the door open to future visits, you will need to reply to this email explaining why you did not show up.  It does not have to be elaborate, it does not have to be glamorous.  “I couldn’t make it because I got stuck in traffic, and I left my phone at the office...I’m very sorry” is fine.   But I am a human being that deserves basic respect after wasting 3-4 hours of my time (which is also my livelihood).  If you do not reply to the email in some fashion, I consider it a no call/no show and you go on my “do not see” list.  The cancellation fee is required in this instance

This policy may seem strict, but it works by deterring the types of men who would bail from even booking with me.  It saves everyone time in the long run.  I have only been NCNSed once before putting this into place and expect the number to stay low.  It was on a tour a few years back, and the gentleman sent the entire donation the next day.  While that is above and beyond what I would ever expect, respect for my time is greatly appreciated and remembered – even years later.

I strictly adhere to the Courtesan’s Code of Ethics


No, I don’t have a phone – even in my personal life (yes, it’s amazing). I have been email only since 2008 with no problems. A lot of my personal work involves technology addiction, and I have also seen the numbers of what “smart”phones have done to our language and typing skills, along with our critical thinking and productivity. I think I’d rather “go without” (I’m not missing anything honestly) considering the average person uses their phone 5 times an hour just to check the time. I’m not a big clocks person either, so…not my cup of tea...besides, I can carry a pocketwatch.  Before you ask how I manage, do you remember how you lived life 15 years ago?  Only obligated to yourself (instead of facebook), and checking messages when you get home on your terms? That’s just still how I live life, and it’s glorious :)  No, it’s not difficult at all.  I think trying to divide my time any further would be more difficult.

While I understand you may be naturally curious, those are fairly invasive questions I wouldn't ask you.  I don’t mind talking about school and life – but nothing so specific please :).
There is one race.  The human race.  In that race, there are many ethnicities that make us look different and cause cultural divides.  The fucks I give about what ethnicity you equal zero.  I care about how you compose yourself, I care about your decorum, I care about your mind, I care about your thoughts, I care about your words.  I do not care what colour your skin is, or where your family was born. 
No question. I think the US view on disability is near sickening. It seems that here a disability makes someone less of a person. I'm used to living in Canada, where people who are in wheelchairs (or have other visible disabilities) are just seen as normal, functional members of society treated and viewed equally, as well as accommodated for in every facet of life.  As they should be.  Your basic human rights do not diminish upon disability.
By now, you may realise I'm not big on the discriminating on people because of something that makes them different from me.  This is no exception.  I am pretty open about the fact that I used to weigh 100 pounds more.  Fatphobic isn't really in my vocabulary — though many think because I'm an athletic size 2, I must also be a total asshole about it and disgusted by anything that is not just like me. Fuck that, that would be boring.  Everyone is different for a reason.  And it takes all of us — and those differences — to make the world go around.  
Yes, absolutely.  I am very submissive around women, so please know that going in.
I adore couples!  I am the perfect thing to add into the mix to liven things up. I  have no extra fee for couples, but do require a two hour minimum so that we can make sure to get to everything!
I offer duos with any provider of your choosing.  I do not have a 'duo partner' or 'friend to bring along'.I do offer trios with two lovely ladies, which you can see in my offerings section.
I show up at an agreed upon time, and that's the end of our concerns for a clock. There's no fine print or trap doors. I leave when the evening has come to a natural end and not a moment sooner.  Likewise, if you feel it's time to wrap up our evening you are welcome to wrap it up at your leisure as well. I could stay forever with good company, but do not wish to keep you up past your bedtime ;)
You may write and find reviews about me on all of the major sites.  I also accept more discreet testimonials to post here on my website.  It is your preference how you wish to write about our time together.

You may ask me to pull out my 3DS for play times at our visit :).  I am also happy to commentate a stream, or co-op in the game of your choosing if you still do not believe me.  It's your time, you choose how we spend it.  These days, I would describe myself as a retro gamer, and a casual gamer. I own an NES, SNES, GB, N64, Wii, WiiU, PS2, PS3, XBox, XBox 360, Xbox One, and 2 rigs. I'd like a GameCube, but it's not essential.  If you wish to ask more, please do so in person.

I would like to believe trickle down economics actually works, in some form. People with money (you) spend it on me (someone with less). Then I spend the money on someone with less than myself. If I spent all my money on myself, nothing would be left to trickle down to those with less. If everyone spends money on someone who has less, everyone has more.

I grew up on the back of a motorcycle starting at age six. I have ridden on the front and back of dozens since.  I do not currently ride, but I have a deep love for those who do and an interest in bikes.As far as cars go, I have a little import tuner and my pickup truck is my best friend. We can nerd out about them any time you'd like.
I would love to have the time to blog every week, or even every month. As it stands, I write as I have time and entries end up being the result of weeks and sometimes months of thoughts and ideas.That being said, if you want to monetarily sponsor me to write a blog entry on a topic of your choosing you can shoot me an email to get started.


I do love gifts – as everyone does.  That being said – the BEST gift is your company on a repeat visit.  I have an Amazon *wishlist* of larger ticket items if you’d like to REALLY spoil me. I also adore gift cards to Amazon, Nordstrom, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, Dick's, Under Armour, Nike,However, my true passion is “outreach work” so you’ll notice I’ve put a metrick fucktonne of gift cards on that amazon list, not for me…but for people with way less.  I like to do several yearly “drives” and the gift cards help me meet those goals.  Our lives are but a speck of dust in the grand scheme of this existence, and our entire purpose on this earth is to make it better for the next group of people that come along.  We live in the age of arrogance, and we can only move out of that by recognising it and doing more for others.  The only way I see to do that, is by improving the lives of people who are alive today and need help so that they can build better futures to pass on.  So, that's my purpose.
I have an amazon wishlist for your convenience.  I also appreciate gift cards to practically anywhere.  My favourite stores include: Nordstrom, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, La Perla, Jerry's Art-o-Rama, Dick's Sporting Goods, Nike, Under Armour, Amazon, REI, Coach, Prada, Newegg, and the Nintendo E-Shop.
Most of my outreach work is hands on. I typically do not support most charities (there are exceptions for areas I feel I cannot physically help out in, which you can find below) because most CEOs make six figures.  Everyone’s got to make a buck, but I’m not donating thousands of dollars so the CEO of the Salvation Army (who was also anti-LGBTQ which is just another reason not to support them…and Goodwill pays disabled workers under minimum wage….) can drive around in an Audi.  I don’t want “X cents on the dollar” to help people, I want the entire dollar to help.  So my work specialises in areas where I can cut out the Audi driving middle man.At this point, you may be sensing a theme in where I like to do my work ;).  Other areas involve homeless (specifically drug addicts, mentally ill, teens, and battered women), outdoor sex workers, and “at risk” youth.  There is no such thing as a “lost cause” when you are referring to a human being.You can best help by donating amazon giftcards from my wishlist.
As a massive nerd myself, I very much support more women in STEM.  I think the only way to make change to how unwelcoming it is to us is to ignore the haters, and push forward.  There will be threats, discouragement, and harassment all along your path — but hang in there.  MLK Jr and Harvey Milk did not make change by letting those things scare them off.  My biggest area of focus is getting more women into the programming and gaming industries, but women in ALL areas of STEM would be amazing!Please give to these charities to help support this cause:BlackGirlsCode | Girl Develop IT | AdaInitiative | PHP Women | National Center for Women & IT
You may be asking yourself WHY? at this point.  Why?  The real question is why not? We are in such a position of privilege in this industry to really reach out to people with resources who can help those much less fortunate than us and themselves.  It is also a great way to spend the free time this job affords me (when I’m not using it all for school anyway!), and a way to make a positive impact using an industry most see as a blight on society.  We are not all stereotypes.


I have been seeing Missy for the better part of a year now, and I don’t see that stopping anytime in the near future. As I have gotten to know this wonderful lady, the layers of the onion keep peeling back to reveal what a wonderful human being she truly is. I am continually learning from her how to be a better person, and at every step of the way, she challenges me even further. This might not sound like the description of your typical Courtesan, but that’s just my point. Missy is far from that. This lady is equal parts seductress, life coach, therapist and confidant.Whatever it is that makes you tick, It will not take Missy long to figure out, and she won’t soon forget it either. She is very skilled at making you completely comfortable in whatever setting you are in when you visit her. She really knows how to set a mood, and is incredibly hospitable to her friends and visitors. She also knows her way around the kitchen, as a gourmet chef.From a purely physical standpoint, Missy has always been a drop dead gorgeous figure of a woman, but recently she has made some “upgrades” to her profile that really transform her into a hourglass shaped pinup girl with a very vintage look and feel, but with a very modern bohemian twist. Her personality and many various quirks are far too deeply layered to take in in just one single visit of even several hours, so I highly recommend making Missy a frequent blip on your radar. You will not be disappointed, and whatever you invest in your relationship with her will come back to ten fold!
Missy was AMAZING and I will have to repeat soon! I contacted Missy via email and set up a time and she replied within the hour. I did this a week in advance. This lady is a true professional and highly intelligent make no mistake she is the real deal. We had a nice little conversation. She is just the most down to earth person that you will ever meet, she takes interests in her clients and really gets to know them. If your in Nashville look her up you will not be one bit sorry. Like I said up top she is a true professional and holds her self to a very high standard.
When you enter you are welcomed by sweet candle light and the smell of wildflowers. Once inside you are greeted by a lovely voice that makes you feel welcome. Within seconds she engages you to make you feel comfortable in the space.Conversation with Missy can be anything you want it to be. She can speak on any topic. But know your stuff cause she truly knows hers. After getting to know each other intellectually she guides you to a more comfortable space. She is soft, and very sexy. Her beautiful eyes look through you not just at you.The experience was magic. Her sweet smell, soft skin made my heart pound. I did not want it to end. Missy is my kind of women. Read her website and know what your getting first. I for one will be a regular.
Missy is a unique experience. She is well spoken, educated, opinionated, and loves what she does. Conversation flowed naturally and she met all expectations. What you see on her site is what you get. I would recommend reading the Reddit AMA she did to get a feel for her personality. She fulfilled everything I wanted and needed. I could see her fulfilling multiple fantasies and or moods. Her skills are phenomenal and will not disappoint.
Having had the pleasure of seeing Missy Mariposa several times, I can say that she is truly a rare breed among courtesans.  Whether you see her in an upscale hotel, or at her stylishly decorated and well appointed Incall location, all five senses will be tantalized. From the second you walk in the door, until the moment you leave, you will forget that she is providing a service, but instead you’ll think you’re in the company of a great companion and friend.From the many lit candles, to the essential oils being diffused into the air, she really knows how to create an atmosphere that oozes sensual loving care. An excellent conversationalist, Missy never ceases to impress me with her intellect and wit. She is a genuinely caring sweetheart and kind soul. She is certainly hovering near the top of my list, and the city of Nashville is certainly lucky to have her call it home.  Time with Missy Mariposa is not to be missed, if you can make it happen. 12 out of 10 stars!
It was early afternoon on a pleasant day. She opened the door. Dark curls of soft, gracefully scented hair bouncing above the shoulders of her simple little green and white dress. She wore very little makeup, none was needed. She offered an inviting gesture and a pleasing greeting with a hug and a peck. She stood barefooted and a little shorter than I expected, she lead me into the room with a confident stride. Her confidence was the first notable attribute. We sat down and talked. Her second notable attribute, easy in conversation. We spoke of politics, religion, history, In fact no topic I used to ease my discountenance caught her off guard. I had just entered the domain of an educated, intelligent self-confident lady.I found myself relaxed and she slid under my arm against my side. She reach up and kissed me. A soft kiss: Then another, a bit more probing; then a warm inviting kiss rendering me totally at ease and comfortable. Yes, I was with a friend: That unusual, seldom encountered, friend that finds ways to pleasure you, without asking. The next three hours just happened. Control, worry, apprehension never raised an eyebrow. All I wanted to do was stay. As I drove away, I found myself sitting taller, being more masculine, and feeling empowered. I was quietly and confidently smiling and completely at ease. I am seeking her out now. There has got be more of this.
I have been waiting to meet her for a while finally had the chance and I must say I’m glad the wait was over. The decor was very nice for incall, very relaxing very open greeting me with water. Great conversation that was very stimulating and relaxing even though I was wanting more I was still satisfied with what had happened when we met we did a lot more talking so if you are not interested in getting to know more about her I suggest you take action and move forward…myself I like to understand the person who I’m meeting there for both parties are very comfortable.My suggestion is be open with her as possible, second be very clean. Think of it as a spa away from home but still has that homey feeling, a phenomenal job. Definitely different than your average provider and very extraordinary. Please read over her web page as if you’re not sure of anything on her page communication is definitely the key with her this is a lady you can definitely take home to your mother and introduce her to your family and still have that “Wow crazy!” time that you always fantasized about.
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This is not an escort service or offer of prostitution.  Melissa Mariposa is a model.  Money exchanged is for modelling, the model’s time, and the model’s companionship only.  Please be advised that this website contains adult content and images not suitable for minors.  If you are under the age 18 (or the majority in your state, province, or territory) or are offended by adult-oriented websites, please exit immediately.  All content and images are in full compliance with the requirements of 18 U.S.C. 2257 and associated regulations.

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I strictly adhere to the Courtesan’s Code of Ethics

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Missy Mariposa is a premier independent Nashville escort and model who will take you on a breathless journey through each of the five senses as a world revered escort. Allow yourself to indulge in the company of Nashville’s top rated female companion. Whether it’s a dinner in Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Charlotte, or Raleigh, a quiet evening in.  Missy Mariposa is a model and escort based in Nashville but available anywhere in the USA. Missy Mariposa makes frequent trips to Memphis, Knoxville, Atlanta, Asheville, Raleigh, and, Charlotte and will also travel worldwide on demand.  Missy Mariposa is a 100% independent Nashville escort.  Missy Mariposa is also an international travel companion, relaxation specialist, independent escort, and known as Cortigiana Onesta. Missy Mariposa is available for short escapes, or overnight adventures, full days, multi days, weekends, and more. Treat yourself like a king and indulge in the company of Missy Mariposa today.  Missy Mariposa is Nashville’s premier independent escort and model – you will never be disappointed with your choice.