You are...

  • A pleasure giver. While you (of course) love to receive, nothing makes you harder than hearing a woman come again and again by your hands...or mouth...or cock.
  • Animalistic, passionate, intense, raw. You seek someone with those same qualities who is also nice to look at, down to earth, with a good head on their shoulders and totally focused on your time.
  • An open minded person in need of an tantalizing escape from daily life. You seek someone who will stimulate your brain, awaken your senses, ignite your passion and fulfill your desires. You understand that true stimulation starts with the brain and works its way down.
  • Someone who doesn't need to ask what I like or want, because you already know: You. A man who knows what he wants and takes it. Someone who can gently guide a conversation to its natural conclusion and then ravage me endlessly.
  • Looking for someone genuine — someone responsive, who truly enjoys themselves and expresses their joy and pleasure. You are looking to transcend a simple "transaction" and connect on a sensual level.
  • A little dirty. A little naughty. Very horny. Your interests can range from a simple lay, to GFE, to PSE, to foot fetish...and the list only starts there. I'm a dirty, naughty girl and enjoy it all 😉
  • Appreciative. You take the time to notice and enjoy the small details and amenities, rather than just trudging through. You appreciate soft lighting, soft music, soft skin, soft fabric. You understand that life is best enjoyed like fine wine, or lingering over a great meal. That moments are meant to be paused on and indulged in...not rushed through, and forgotten about. You seek a lasting memory, not a blip on the radar.
  • Generous, and warm-hearted. You're that person who puts everyone else first. You love to see people smile, and do what you can to make them happy. You help those with less than you when the opportunity arises.
  • Someone who values their privacy and makes it a point to always exercise discretion. You enjoy being the center of attention in a small audience, but prefer to blend in seamlessly in public. You value a companion who can do the same. Witty, charming, and elegant are descriptors you wish to apply to the woman on your arm.

I am...

Me*lis”sa, n, a feminine name: dim. Missy; Mel; Sweet; Outgoing; Honest; Easy to talk to; Girl next door; Acronym: MELISSA: My Entire Life Is Spent Striving Ahead.
  • Demure. Alluring. Enchanting. Passionate. Coy half smile, lucid black eyes. I want a person who knows what they wants, goes after it, and takes it again and again. I am a go-getter person in my everyday life and in private I enjoy taking a submissive backseat. This is your adventure and I am the facilitator of good times.
  • Quiet, submissive, sensual inamorata. I talk a lot at first, but your cock in my mouth shuts me up in the best way. I come with plain nails, French tipped toes. Impossibly soft skin dotted with fine constellations of freckles in all the right places, perfect for your lips.
  • Easy going, easy to please. We live in a complicated enough world without me having to add anything to it. I am an agreeable person, and tend to enjoy most things. Open minded, and quite flexible to boot. Feet behind head rumor is real.
  • Like an import car: Built for speed, and pleasure. Sex is a method of self expression I embrace that and any inhibition you have will come off with your clothes. Oh and have I mentioned I'd adore sucking you off?
  • A sensational bombshell who is a whirlwind of fun. From a breathtaking weekend fuckfest to a night in front of the fire with a home-cooked meal, you will find I am the perfect companion for any occasion. Infinitely adaptable, versatile, and fun. I have spent my life from 16-present traveling, studying, training, learning, and adventuring. Many say I have had enough experience to fill two lives...and all before 30!
  • A minimalist. Simple. Laid back. Easy going. I will greet you with only a few things on: A dress. Lingerie. High heels. A smile. I also happen to like Cuban heeled stockings and garters when I'm at the Ranch, and I'll always wear anything you bring me.
  • A multifaceted person with many aspects for you to explore, discover, and enjoy. Laid back, but extremely driven. Live and let live. Anti-drama, anti-judgement. Interests range from cars to hiking to cooking to fine art to internet security to gaming to ... well, come find out already!
  • Well educated and well rounded. I engaged in a wide variety of extracurricular activities during my time studying abroad. Aside from my time in university, I spent time living overseas. I have a rich travel background and have tried to use these experiences to build on myself as a person. My life's passion is hands on outreach work. What, did you think I just fuck? I also cook, clean, game, design, develop, theorycraft, create, and observe.
  • A subscriber to a simpler way of life from a simpler time. I do not subscribe to the theories of instant gratification -- except when it comes to us and fucking. I don't even own a cell phone (really). Distractions from us? No thank you! I long to give you my full, undivided attention and nothing but.
  • Strong supporter of all personal liberties -- and not just those that line up with my ideological beliefs. I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death so that you have the freedom to say it. I am a woman of many creations, ideas, and opinions and always open to hearing yours. I believe in the commonality of the soul, and spend a lot of my time helping those who are ‘worse off’ than myself. I appreciate those who value this aspect of my personality.
  • Sarcastic, quirky, silly, sensual, and all around just good old fashioned fun to be around. And a great lay. I did a relatively successful AMA once. I've culled the original post, but there's a lovely archive
  • Happy to talk about myself, but prefer talking about you. I want to hear your thoughts and views rather than just prattle on about mine. Though I am always happy to tell some of my stories (I love to make you laugh, and I hear I'm great at it) I want you to be the focus of our time. That being said, if listening to stories is your deal, I am verbose with an interesting vernacular that will have you hanging on every word.
Girl's Night
If you are coming to see me at Sheri's, everything is negotiated there behind closed doors. Federal and state law say so. Do not email me asking me for rates while I am at the Ranch or attempt to initiate any such discussion of numbers. Romance and finance are best kept separate until we are in my bedroom.

During my free weeks, I am available to fly to you for evening dinner dates, overnight travel companionship, full day visits, and extended travel companionship. My visit minimum is three hours, with overnight preferred. My favorite cities are Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, Nashville, Chicago, DC, NYC, London, Paris, and LA.

I have no interest in entertaining you for an hour outside of the Ranch, so please don't even ask. I desire long term arrangements with a very small number of regular friends so I prefer all visits be three hours and up. If you want an hour or two, or to check off a bucket list item, I encourage you to visit me at the Ranch instead.

If you are outside of Nevada and NOT planning on seeing me at the Ranch email me an introduction and please include your first and last name, employment information/ties to the real world, and any provider references or screening services you may utilise. My email is encrypted, offshore, and secure so rest assured your personal details will be treated with the utmost sensitivity. I have no desire to converse with un-screened gentlemen, so I appreciate you including these details in your initial correspondence.

If you wish to discuss a Ranch visit or Skype show with me, you may email me or DM me on twitter.

What to expect from me
Everything I said above is real — I've always felt lying on your website is pointless because it's exposed the second they meet you. You truly will find a beautiful woman freshly showered and floral scented, wearing light makeup, with French toenails. I don't drink unless it's with you and at your insistence. I had two years in England to drink my arse off 😉
Privately, I am vivacious sometimes bordering on rambling – but feel free to stop me at any time and take our visit in a new direction. I only want to talk if you want to hear what I have to say. You lead the direction of our visit, as it is your time. Never feel bad about interjecting and having your turn. I also love to listen. I have genuine smile, and a laugh like bells. Life is about being happy, and I am a happy person. You’ll probably make me laugh quite a bit, as I am quite easy to please.
What I expect from you
I expect you to be clean and well mannered. Please wash your hands upon arrival. I have mints to freshen your breath, and an assortment of wet wipes. It's no fun to spend time with someone who isn't as fresh as I am.
I prefer you to take charge of our visit and steer our time together. I prefer when my visitors come to me knowing how they wish to spend their time. I am more of a "follower" than a "leader" in this aspect. I spend my life calling the shots and being the alpha female. Not here.
Handling the Appearance Fee outside of the Ranch
Please leave the appearance fee or your credit card in plain sight upon your arrival and immediately excuse yourself to the washroom to freshen your hands and breath. If you have pre-paid, please wash your hands anyway.
Gifts/tips are never expected, but always a welcomed surprise. I enjoy paying it forward more than anything, so please check my Philanthropy section if you truly wish to make my heart sing.
A 50% deposit is required to secure my time outside of Sheri's Ranch. If you cancel, you do not get it back. If I cancel, you do. This deposit can be taken via credit/debit card, Bitcoin, or postal money order.
Confirmation Policy
All pre-scheduled visits outside of the Ranch must be confirmed 24 hours prior unless other arrangements are made for a different window. Failure to confirm an appointment in a timely manner leads to cancellation of the appointment and I will not chase you down by email to remind you of our booking. It is on you to confirm in the approrpiate window. If you do not confirm, you sacrifice your deposit.
We all forget even the most important things sometimes, so don’t worry. You are free to try and reschedule, however more than one violation of this policy will lead to a requirement of paying in full before securing any future appearances.
I have the utmost respect, patience, and understanding for your schedule, time, and life — I am simply only asking you extend the same courtesy.
Cancellation Policy
It’s life, things come up. I completely understand. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please respect me (and my time) and let me know as early as you possibly can. Simply put, please treat me the way you wish to be treated. If you cancel less than 24 hours before a visit, I keep your deposit as a cancellation fee. If you cancel less than 12 hours before a visit I require a 100% cancellation fee.
NO CALL/NO SHOW: 100% of the fee or lose my contact info.
When I am at Sheri's, I am available 24/7 by appointment. Otherwise, you can request me (in advance, same day or even when you arrive) and I'll be down to meet you lickety-split. I am usually in the bar from about lunch time until late night and would adore sharing a hot chocolate with creme de coco.
I understand not everyone can make it to see me at Sheri's. That is truly unfortunate. While I cannot offer what I do there, I am still happy to meet with and indulge in the company with you. I am based in Denver but will travel to Seattle, Vancouver, Nashville, Chicago, DC, NYC, London, Paris, and LA. If there are other areas, just ask and I will consider it. I will still be spending time with Charlotte Breeze as well and recommend her in my stead if you cannot find a way to meet with me. If a date isn't listed below, it means I have no plans to be anywhere specific and you can fly me to you.

Please note that when I am not at Sheri's, I have a three hour minimum engagement.
  • January 5-6: Nashville, TN
  • January 8-13: Tyson's Corner, VA
  • January 17-31: Sheri's Ranch in Pahrump, NV

I really don't have a phone. I do not subscribe to the theories of instant gratification and entitlement to someone else's time. "How" I managed is the same way we all did before they existed, and it's really not that big a deal. I can't imagine wanting or having the internet in my pocket full time when it's so easy to connect to. It's also a good litmus test for comprehension — someone who tells me to text or call them clearly did not read my webpage. Also, I hated on-screen keyboards and couldn't imagine deriving any enjoyment of the internet in all of its postage stamp glory, so I gave it all a pass and never looked back. I do have a wifi tablet, 2 laptops, and a desktop computer. I am as connected as I want to be, when I want to be.

From the ground up. I was absolutely sick of WordPress. There were parts of the desired back-end development that went beyond my scope of my knowledge. Luckily being a nerd yields nerd friends, and I was able to go to one of them and get all of the help I needed. I also had a lot of help from a security consultant, because now more than ever you need assurance that your sensitive data is legitimately secured. I use industry standard best security practices, following the philosophy as treating my visitors the way I wish to be treated.

Because when I am available at Sheri's, it is required by law that you come in and negotiate with me in person. In terms of my companionship altruism, it will be discussed and determined based on the amount of time someone wishes to spend with me, and how regularly they wish to spend it.

My visitors love to indulge in a wide range of activities! I am often taken hiking, canoeing, kayaking, to dinner, to shows, to movies. I am always open to any new adventure you wish to try, or trip you want to take. I am happy to let you call the shots and tell me what we're doing! My entire goal is to focus on you having the best time possible during our visit. The world is your oyster, so come grab your pearl.

The number of fucks I give about your melanin levels: 0. The number of fucks I give about racial stereotypes that probably don't apply to you: 0. The number of fucks I give about the country of origin of your ancestors. The number of fucks I give about making sure you have a nice time: 1,000,0007.

Real Talk for a minute here — every gross, sketchy, bad, or dangerous experience I've ever had has been with a white man. However that does not make all white men gross, sketchy, bad, or dangerous. There's bad apples everywhere, in every group.

Absolutely. Discrimination is not my strong suit. I am happy to work with everything except a colostomy bag or anything involving blood, scat, or vomit — and these are only for health reasons.

Yes, but please be aware that your experience can be physically inhibited if you are over 450 lbs. There is only so much I can do to accommodate you, realistically speaking.

I see both solo women, and couples. I adore both!

Yes, I do. I currently spend time with Charlotte Breeze and am always looking to add to my arsenal of beautiful women.

Thanks for asking! Greece is really far. As such, I DO offer trips to Greece with a 5 day minimum and travel allowance. Also, these trips will need to be scheduled a full six weeks in advance to allow for proper scheduling.

I offer many things at Sheri's and I encourage you to come by and check out my menu. Outside of Sheri's, this is a companionship only situation.

5'5'', 32GG-24-34, size 0/2. I can wear tight bottoms and stretchy tops. Gift cards are best if you want to buy me clothes, really.

SOL and Fascinations in Denver are my absolutely favorites. In terms of regular clothes, Lululemon and Nordstrom are always a safe bet.

Absolutely! Please mention this when we initiate contact. Please note that there is an extra charge for this, and it is not small.

I think we're in an era where if you want to dig around on what's out there on someone, it's best just to ask Uncle Google. However, you can find reviews of me on the Sheri's website, TER, ECCIE, TBD, TOB, and testimonials right here on my own site.

Good memory! In 2014. However, I regularly clean up my digital footprint so the original copy is no longer there in what I would consider a readable format. Here you go.

From the age of 5 onward! I play mostly retro Nintendo, PS2, and modern Nintendo. I own every Nintendo (except GameCube), every PlayStation except 1 and 4, and every XBOX. I do carry a console and a handheld on the road. PC Master Race. I also really enjoyed the failure known as the CD-i. We can talk about why in person!

Yes. Due to touring and my real life, I haven't had much time to work on it this year but I have a lot of WIPs that I hope to finish in 2017 now that things have settled down significantly. I am working on two other projects currently that need more attention.

Currently my main cities are Denver (home city), Nashville (there almost as much), Raleigh, and Seattle. I also enjoy Boston, DC, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Chicago, St Louis, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, LA, and Orange County. If you are in any of those cities and would like to see me, please feel free to reach out. My time away from Sheri's is limited so you will have to make worth my while.

If I said yes to this, I would have a full time job emailing people. I have a mailing list (I guarantee under 12 mailings a year), or you can stay up to date with my schedule.

My philosophy and purpose
The BEST gift is your company on a repeat visit and a good review. Or donating to whatever my current cause on twitter is. But I have an Amazon wishlist if you’d like to REALLY spoil me. I also adore gift cards to Amazon, Nordstrom, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, Dick's, Under Armour, Nike, REI (or MEC). However, my true passion is “outreach work” so if you buy me gift cards, just know it's probably going partly towards me and mostly towards that. I like to do several yearly “drives” and the gift cards help me meet those goals. Our lives are but a speck of dust in the grand scheme of this existence, and our entire purpose on this earth is to make it better for the next group of people that come along. We live in the age of arrogance, and we can only move out of that by recognizing it and doing more for others. The only way I see to do that, is by improving the lives of people who are alive today and need help so that they can build better futures to pass on. So, that's my purpose.
Gifting Me
I have an Amazon wishlist for your convenience. I also appreciate gift cards to practically anywhere. To give you some ideas: Amazon, AP, Beloved Intimates, Nordstrom, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, SOL, La Perla, Dick's Sporting Goods, Nike, Under Armour, Amazon, REI, Coach, Prada, Newegg, Jerry's Art-O-Rama, and the Nintendo E-Shop.
Paying it forward
Most of my outreach work is hands on. I typically do not support most charities (there are exceptions for areas I feel I cannot physically help out in, which you can find below) because most CEOs make an excessive amount of money. Look, everyone's got to make a buck and everyone is entitled to get ahead, but I’m not donating thousands of dollars so the CEO of the HelpMe Inc can drive around in an R8 pretending they're actually doing something, all the meanwhile donating less than someone who makes 1/3 of their income.

I don’t want “X cents on the dollar” to help people, I want the entire dollar to help, or at least 90-95 cents of it. So my work specializes in areas where I can cut out the Audi driving middle man. At this point, you may be sensing a theme in where I like to do my work ;). Other areas involve homeless (specifically drug addicts, mentally ill, teens, and battered women), outdoor sex workers, and “at risk” youth. There is no such thing as a “lost cause” when you are referring to a human being. You can best help by donating amazon gift cards from my wishlist or bringing a donation of cash or grocery gift cards in person.
Charities I *DO* support
As a massive nerd myself, I very much support more women in STEM and unlike other areas this is not really one I can help out in a "hands on" way". I think the only way to make change to how unwelcoming it is to us is to ignore the haters, and push forward. There will be threats, discouragement, and harassment all along your path — but hang in there. MLK Jr and Harvey Milk did not make change by letting those things scare them off. My biggest area of focus is getting more women into the programming and gaming industries, but women in ALL areas of STEM would be amazing! Please give to these charities to help support this cause: BlackGirlsCode | Girl Develop IT | AdaInitiative | PHP Women | National Center for Women & IT
You may be asking yourself WHY? at this point. Why? The real question is why NOT? We are in such a position of privilege in this industry to really reach people with resources who can help those much less privileged. It is also a great way to spend the free time this job affords me (when I’m not using it all for school anyway!), and a way to make a positive impact using an industry most see as a blight on society. We are not all stereotypes.
Another reason is power. The amount of money in this industry is immense. Literally, millions -- possibly hundreds of millions. We have true financial pull as an industry, and yet we remain stimgatised and even when working legally are put on the same level as drug dealers and thieves. That's the opposite of true. And I feel that if all of us did positive work for our communities, and started putting our money where our mouths are and became role models, mentors, and philantrhopists there's going to come a point where we're doing so much good that they would look like assholes to try and stigmatise us. Why do we not have a lobby in Washington? We could. We just need to legitimise ourselves first, and the easiest way I see to begin that process is by strengthening our communities and actually making a difference.

I was extremely nervous when Missy met me at the door. I found her easy going nature and warm touch soothing. We talked for a long time, and I found I can't get enough of this understanding soul, whose heart is rich in compassion. She has an undeniable passion for people.

As we sat talking on her sofa, she gently brushed up against my arm and legs. She can't hold back her exuberance for life which flows from her depths and culminates in her smile. Missy has electric eyes that sparkle on an enchanting face and a body capable of fulfilling the subtle promises of her sexuality.

Missy is an experience second to none.

Scheduled visit for myself and my partner with Missy and was more than a little nervous about what to expect. Less than 5 minutes in it felt like we where sitting with an old friend. She is beautifully, easy to talk, intelligent, has amazing life experiences to share. (could have spent hours listening to her talk). Words can’t even begin to describe how unbelievable it was once we got comfortable. Our best expectations were blown way by this beautiful unicorn (they exist!!). Once in a lifetime experience that we already plan to repeat.

As I was looking for Missy I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for but I knew that I would know when I found her. I came across her site and a few things stood out that were important to me. She didn't have a phone, her site was very professional and elegant and there is enough substance to her site that you get some sense of what her personality might be like. So I decided that I wanted to schedule time with her. We traded emails. Next came her verification. It was simple enough and she walked me through the process. I was a first timer and I was especially glad that such a high class provider would even agree to see a total newbie. Missy's instructions were very helpful and I followed them to the letter and arrived with no issues and her location was easy to find using her directions. I liked that I didn't have to wait until the day of to get last minute instructions or an address. I arrived to a quiet, low key location in the suburb. I was greeted by the ambience that set the mood for our encounter. I sat down with Missy and we began to chat and I was immediately put at ease by this polished provocateur. She is truly the total package. She is as smart as she is beautiful. She is the hot nerd girl or the sexy librarian that you ALWAYS fantasized about and wondered what lay beneath. I found that I became completely lost and transfixed in my time with Missy. So much so that I ran over my time significantly. Being the professional that she is Missy simply asked me about how much time I had booked to help me to realize that my time was up. Although it was my fault I was very impressed by how she handled it. So if you are looking for a service or a mechanical provider who is simply a means to an end then Missy is not your girl. Missy is an experience . Missy is that best friend of a girl who is just cool as hell. She is the consummate professional who would be equally as comfortable by your side while entertaining clients at dinner or relaxing with you by a fire in jeans and a t-shirt. If you enjoy a sophisticated woman who puts you at ease and yet, is incredibly beautiful and EMBODIES the phrase "relaxation specialist" then you owe it to yourself to experience Missy. Anyone can provide a service - very few offer a true EXPERIENCE...experience Missy!

I have been seeing Missy for the better part of a year now, and I don’t see that stopping anytime in the near future. As I have gotten to know this wonderful lady, the layers of the onion keep peeling back to reveal what a wonderful human being she truly is. I am continually learning from her how to be a better person, and at every step of the way, she challenges me even further. This might not sound like the description of your typical model, but that’s just my point. Missy is far from that. This lady is equal parts bombshell, life coach, therapist and confidant. Whatever it is that makes you tick, It will not take Missy long to figure out, and she won’t soon forget it either. She is very skilled at making you completely comfortable in whatever setting you are in when you visit her. She really knows how to set a mood, and is incredibly hospitable to her friends and visitors. She also knows her way around the kitchen, as a gourmet chef. From a purely physical standpoint, Missy has always been a drop dead gorgeous figure of a woman, but recently she has made some “upgrades” to her profile that really transform her into a hourglass shaped pinup girl with a very vintage look and feel, but with a very modern bohemian twist. Her personality and many various quirks are far too deeply layered to take in in just one single visit of even several hours, so I highly recommend making Missy a frequent blip on your radar. You will not be disappointed, and whatever you invest in your relationship with her will come back to ten fold!

Missy was AMAZING and I will have to repeat soon! I contacted Missy via email and set up a time and she replied within the hour. I did this a week in advance. This lady is a true professional and highly intelligent make no mistake she is the real deal. We had a nice little conversation. She is just the most down to earth person that you will ever meet, she takes interests in her clients and really gets to know them. If she comes to your area, look her up you will not be one bit sorry. Like I said up top she is a true professional and holds her self to a very high standard.

When you enter you are welcomed by soft light and the smell of wildflowers. Once inside you are greeted by a lovely voice that makes you feel welcome. Within seconds she engages you to make you feel comfortable in the space. Conversation with Missy can be anything you want it to be. She can speak on any topic. But know your stuff cause she truly knows hers. After getting to know each other intellectually she guides you to a more comfortable space. She is soft, and very gorgeous. Her beautiful eyes look through you not just at you. The experience was magic. Her sweet smell, soft skin made my heart pound. I did not want it to end. Missy is my kind of women. Read her website and know what your getting first. I for one will be a regular.

Missy is a unique experience. She is well spoken, educated, opinionated, and loves spending time with others. Conversation flowed naturally and she met all expectations. What you see on her site is what you get. She fulfilled everything I wanted and needed. I could see her fulfilling roles. Her people skills are phenomenal and time with her will not disappoint.

Having had the pleasure of seeing Missy Mariposa several times, I can say that she is truly a rare breed among models. From the second you walk in the door, until the moment you leave, you will forget that you're paying her, but instead you’ll think you’re in the company of a great companion and friend. From the amazing lighting, to the essential oils being diffused into the air, she really knows how to create an atmosphere that oozes loving care. An excellent conversationalist, Missy never ceases to impress me with her intellect and wit. She is a genuinely caring sweetheart and kind soul. She is certainly hovering near the top of my list. Time with Missy Mariposa is not to be missed, if you can make it happen. 12 out of 10 stars!

It was early afternoon on a pleasant day. She opened the door. Dark curls of soft, gracefully scented hair bouncing above the shoulders of her simple little green and white dress. She wore very little makeup, none was needed. She offered an inviting gesture and a pleasing greeting with a hug and a peck. She stood barefooted and a little shorter than I expected. Her confidence was the first notable attribute. We sat down and talked. Her second notable attribute, easy in conversation. We spoke of politics, religion, history, In fact no topic I used to ease my discountenance caught her off guard. I had just entered the domain of an educated, intelligent self-confident lady.

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